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Scaffolding Hire

For Scaffolding Hire you can trust, choose F.A.S.T. Scaffolds today

Scaffolding Hire

F.A.S.T. Scaffolds has over 4 decades of industry experience, supplying top-quality scaffolding products to hire for a range of industries. With flexible hiring times and drop-offs designed to suit your schedule, our team has worked with some of Ireland’s largest construction and development companies to provide scaffolding hire that you can trust.

Located only 2 miles from Dublin City Centre and less than a mile east of the M50, our location means that we can service customers across Dublin and the surrounding areas with ease.
From spandeck walkways and large aluminium scaffolding towers to access towers, indoor scaffolding, and chutes, we do it all when it comes to hiring scaffolding in Dublin.

Offering a Range of Scaffolding Products for Hire, Including:

Aluminium Scaffolding Towers

F.A.S.T. Scaffolds is a leading supplier of aluminium scaffolding towers to hire. Our aluminium scaffolding towers are available for inside and outside use and come in a range of heights to suit all projects. We offer competitive pricing and quick delivery & collection to ensure a thorough and reliable service.

Access Towers

Access towers are a vital part of working safely, offering extra peace of mind and greater ease of access to a number of industries related to construction. F.A.S.T. Scaffolds offers access towers to hire, ensuring high-quality products and flexible hiring times.

Ladder Frame Scaffolding

Our Instant Span 400 ladder frame is a useful and safer alternative to a ladder. By using the ladder frame scaffolding instead of a conventional ladder there will be fewer components to stock and monitor. The Span 400 Ladder Frames are compatible with all of our existing Instant Span components. And have many advantages, including reduced rental inventory, all-in-one product, multi-purpose and reversible frames, and cost-saving frames.

Spandeck Walkways

These are lightweight walkways designed to provide up to 9.1 metres of span. The aluminium frames are highly durable yet weigh less than 9kg per metre. We stock a range of Spandeck Walkway systems for both sale and hire. Spandeck walkway systems are specifically adapted to link with locking guard rail posts which are required by regulations.

Snappy Folding Work Platforms

The snappy work stand is a user-friendly, one-piece folding work platform. It allows you to reach areas with ease. It is a safe alternative to using a ladder as it provides a more stable platform from which to work. The system can be set up quickly and with a minimal of effort, allowing you to quickly reach high areas.


To Avail of our Scaffolding Hire Services, get in touch today


Scaffolding Hire FAQ

How long can I hire scaffolding for?

This completely depends on your project- we aim to be as flexible as possible with our scaffold hire services, tailoring our hire times to match your needs and schedule.

Is it expensive to hire scaffolding?

This depends on the type of scaffolding you require. At F.A.S.T. Scaffolds we aim to provide competitively-priced scaffolding with plenty of budget-friendly options.

Do you offer domestic scaffolding hire?

Yes. While F.A.S.T. Scaffolds specialises in commercial scaffolding, we do provide a range of scaffolding products suitable for at-home use.

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